Hana Zebzabi

British-Moroccan photographer Hana Zebzabi wants the world to see the many different sides of Muslim women today. Known for her provocative photographs of confident female models, she’s now hoping to capture the essence of today’s Muslim women in the same way, something that’s difficult to achieve given the restrictions on clothing within Islam. “I adore shooting women, they’re a big inspiration because they’re so beautiful and I can look up to them. When you look at my work, you see a plethora of women being sexy, being free, being sad, being happy, being liberated, just being everything,” she told POPSUGAR. We spoke to Zebzabi about what it means to be a Muslim woman by today’s standards, the importance of speaking out to challenge old beliefs, and her upcoming project, a photo-series focused on Muslim women, called “Not Your Girl”.

Read the interview here: https://www.popsugar.co.uk/entertainment/hana-zebzabi-moroccan-photographer-interview-48193150

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