Taking part in our project couldn’t be easier:

Select the most beautiful thing you ever created (existing or new) and send us your photo (1 MB max ) or the link to your video plus a screenshot (square), directly to ninette@beautywithoutirony.com  with your name, the title of the photo or video,  your website url and/or Instagram handle (if you want that mentioned) and a quote about what pure beauty means to you.

If you like, you can also mention if you feel that your creative work is healing for yourself during the stress and anxiety that the pandemic and its aftermath brought.

Peter Philips & Pierre Debusschere

Artists can also submit their definition of beauty (and add more images!) additionally here: www.addictLab.com/project/71

For students and recent graduates from art schools worldwide: we have partnered with ARTSTHREAD and encourage you to submit your work there. Go to artsthread.com/beauty to learn more.

  • By sending us your images or other work, you allow us to publish it and your name on our website, share it on social media and in press releases.
  • In case of special projects such as for example a book, auction or brand collaboration, we will first ask permission from the owner of each image that we would like to use.