MJ Songstress: “When I look at the word BE-a-U-ty, the letters B,E & U pop out, which formulates into BE U! Pure beauty is about being yourself, believing that you are worthy and owning who you are unapologetically, authentically without permission. Beauty comes from within, which allows the soul to radiate through. That’s what pure beauty is to me. A woman willing to be SEEN in any light naturally. I remind myself in the mirror daily “BE U!”

I selected my song & video “SEE ME” for many reasons. It is a song about being SEEN. It’s a song that resonates with me and my own journey of allowing myself to be SEEN. Shooting the music video was also a milestone for me because it represents the day that I was willing not only to be SEEN, to be vulnerable and own and accept everything about me. My face, my body, myself. I was uncomfortable and at first unwilling to let go. Then I took a deep breath and chose to surrender and power through the insecurities and beat up I’ve been holding on to for years. A thing of the past! Cause now I AM here and I love who I am. The power of letting go supported me in believing in my own beauty.” 

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