A Childhood Memory by Aarushi Kalra

“Since India is in a never ending lockdown, I find myself day-dreaming of the things I most miss.  The idea of finding whimsy and adventure in our everyday life, experiences and travels. This has made me think of how our creativity and personality inform our memories to create a personal meaning and a sense of belonging. Born and brought up in New Delhi, India, the Qutub Minar is one monument very close to my heart. I used to cross it every single day back and forth from work and yet when I think of it what I remember, is not the details but the experience of the spiralling hypnotic minaret, the domes that line the sky, arches big and small, whole and part that together form this beautiful magical stage set painted in my own personality. There is so much beauty in what our imagination is capable of, even when you’re sitting in the same 4 walls, your mind is gateway to your own little fairytale.”

About me: “I am an interior designer, recently graduated from Royal College of Art, London and currently based in India, where I started my own experimental design studio I’mX. 

In this design space I like to give people a small ‘!’ moment. I aim to create spaces that inspire and excite, allowing the viewers to find a connect with these spaces intuitively. Having trained as an architect, my work is methodical and my vision for interiors seeks structure. I like designs to be curious, introspective and inquisitive; something that delves into an idea bigger than mere spatial experience. I work towards ideas that are provocative and experimental, exploring the art of storytelling through a multi-layered spatial design language. I like to imagine myself as a design magician pulling out a new story from the mundane.”

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