We’re very happy to announce the new Ambassador for beauty without irony: top model, health consultant and all around nice human Hannelore Knuts!

Without further ado, we let her talk about why she has taken up this role:

The beauty of emotions

If we look at the art world, we can find beauty in the not so pretty things.
Solitude and melancholy are a common inspiration for many artists who then make things people consider to be beautiful.

A tree is allowed to lose its leaves and we still love it.

We clearly have some interest towards the dark side, but prefer to leave it outside in somebody else’s hands and preferably linked to something pretty or pristine like a painting or a song.

As if the beauty is holding your hand, so we manage to take it all in without too much discomfort.

As within, so without.
We can not ignore the fact that  “bad” emotions exists.
Why do we believe we have to fix what’s wrong, or worse, push it away?
Why do we spend so much time and money ignoring discomfort?
Has this strategy proven its worth so far?
Looking at the state of the world I do not need to be an expert to realize that we are failing.

Therefore I would like to try a different approach: I would like to invite us all to hold hands in beauty and walk each other through, not around, those so called difficult emotions.

There’s lots of beauty to be found.
Simple, easy, honest beauty.

And when we know that ‘the bad’ is a part that’s present in all of us, we allow ourselves to bathe in beauty.

Photo by Domen/Vandevelde

IG @hanneloreknuts