For Project Focus by Wim Tellier 250 fishermen work together to display 100 custom sails with their traditional boats in one of the most beautiful lagoons of the world located in Madagascar.
Project FOCUS was a huge art installation with 100 custom pirogues. Tellier created a 1800m long exhibition on the beautiful beach of Ankassy Lodge. The exhibition went into infinity. All the sails were photos of Irises taken with a special technique designed by Wim Tellier himself.

Project FOCUS centralises on the power of the eyes’ Iris.
The Iris is the purest part of our body the entrance to our soul. It’s the most timeless part of our body because it changes the least. Like in every project Wim Tellier searches for an unique emotional value not only he creates a timeless image for his customers but he gives them also the chance to visit in real time the exhibition Doing that he creates a very unique life experience connected to the artwork.
Project FOCUS wants to show the world how powerful art can be in the most pure form and hopes to inspire others to do something good in this beautiful world.

We love it!

IG: wim.tellier